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In January of 2020, I began managing all of the social media sites for a client. In this time, I've been able to increase engagement, reach, and followers. Once I learned more about the audience, I began gearing posts towards this group.

Using my knowledge of SEO, I've been able to generate additional traffic to the websites that I manage professionally. I've tracked where users are from, how they navigated to the site, what caught there eye, etc. to learn how to best interact with the audience. Although I did not study social media marketing, my drive to learn, research skills, and dedication to my team have led me to understand this field quite a bit.


I hope to develop my career within communications to incorporate the skillsets that I've learned at my first job out of college and the knowledge that I will learn. I'm constantly pushing myself by reading literature about website creation, writing styles, science, history, and communications. Overall, I value a company that fosters an environment to learn. I am seeking employment at a company that values hard-work, determination, and adaptability. 

Social Media

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I published weekly blog posts to LinkedIn. During this time, I increased engagement and generated leads to the websites.​


While managing the social media accounts, I was in charge of adding imagery to the posts and creating a brand image. On Instagram, I interacted with industry peers, posted images to promote the product and company, and created campaigns for conferences.  

Identifiable information is blurred out. Upon request I can send you a link to the post(s).

Upon request, I can provide links to the social media sites that I've managed since January 2020.

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